Terms and Conditions

Promotion commences Monday 28th May, 2019 & expires COB 26th July, 2019.

Bundle Builder provides a price estimate and value of vouchers that can be awarded on the placement of a purchase order for qualifying SKUs through Comstor.

Final pricing and value of vouchers is reflective of PO placed for quoted SKU's through Bundle Builder tool.

Vouchers are applicable to Australian T2 Cisco partners only, for orders using Fast Track promotional pricing on Cisco Product & Services shipped prior to 26th July, 2019. T2 partners are Unregistered, Registered, Select and Premier Cisco partners. T1 Gold and Gold/Premier partners are ineligible for Visa Card rewards.

Qualifying deals are ex deal registration (DID & OIP discounts) unless otherwise advised by Comstor.Qualifying deals are ex deal registration (DID & OIP discounts) unless otherwise advised by Comstor.

Meraki SKU's shown in Bundle Builder are eligible for Master Card reward inclusive of Cisco DID on advertised hardware and hardware license SKU's shown in tool.

Vouchers are awarded in order of first applicable orders invoicing.

Vouchers are awarded based on final value of purchase order invoiced.

All Prices are in Australian Dollars exclusive of GST. Pricing is correct at the time of update but is subject to change.

Available vouchers total prize pool of AU$50,000. First in, first served basis for voucher availability on qualifying orders.

Credits and/or Returns may render the claim for vouchers obsolete.

Vouchers will be presented to Partner C-Level management to award internally at their discretion. Westcon-Comstor can supply details on qualifying orders at the request of the winning partner.

By accepting the terms and conditions of the Bundle Builder Program, the cash card recipient accepts that any monetary implications that arise from potential Fringe Benefits Tax on Cash Cards are the sole responsibility of the card recipient and not Westcon-Comstor or Cisco.

Vouchers for qualifying orders will be purchased 2 weeks at the conclusion of the promo end date and distributed to partners within 4 weeks of the promotion end date final reporting has been completed.

Orders can be collected from our warehouse located at: Unit 5, 39 Herbert St, St Leonards NSW 2065

If you have any further queries please contact relevant team below; To place orders: Orders: orders.au@westconcomstor.com 1800 646 112 – Option 1 . To follow up orders, arrange delivery and pickups, or discuss your account settings: Customer Service: support@westconcomstor.com 1800 646 112 – Option 1 . To request quotation or assistant from Pre-sales Technical advisor: Pre-Sales: quotes.au@westconcomstor.com 1800 646 112 – Option 2

This price estimate is valid for 14 days unless Westcon Group Pty Ltd (Westcon) advises otherwise and exclusive of freight from Westcon.

Estimate is (a) exclusive of GST/VAT; (b) subject to currency fluctuations; (c) subject to manufacturer (Vendor) price changes; (d) subject to any terms and conditions of any special buying agreement; (e) provided on the basis of a current level of Vendor certification at the time of quoting.

Should this certification change Westcon reserves the right to cancel and/or amend the quotation.

Notwithstanding any term or representation by Westcon to the contrary by placing a purchase order with Westcon you agree: (a) to Westcon's Terms and Conditions (found at http://au.westcon.com/content/overview/overview/terms-conditions/sales); (b) to Westcon Privacy Policy (found at http://au.westcon.com/privacy); (c) that unless Vendor allows for return and refund all purchase orders placed on Westcon are non-cancellable and non-returnable; (d) that while Westcon takes care to prepare the Quote inaccuracies can occur and Westcon does not take responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Comstor Australia's (herein "The Promoter") decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Cisco Service SKU's listed on Bundle Builder are for a duration of 12 month unless otherwise stated.

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